young indie pop from hawaii


Amped up gritty chill wave anthems lifted by dreamy guitar riffs and electronic drums speak to the romantically altered views of society LIV presents in her lyrics. 

A fixture in the Honolulu indie music scene, LIV is currently 16 years old and writes, records, and performs her own songs. "As a kid I was fascinated with music, still am, but when I was like five I was writing and making music out of anything that resembled an instrument", says LIV, "I feel like I was born with this passion inside me, to create and share my creations with the world". LIV 's main instrument is the guitar, as she started out her career playing lead in bands throughout Waikiki's punk scene but later evolved into into a lead singer with more dynamics and texture. LIV has opened for national acts and headlined shows across the islands of Hawaii and the US West Coast. With three singles released and more on the way, expect more music, videos, and tours from LIV.

"Stay tuned fam. Peace"